“To be regarded within the Financial Market fraternity, regulators, and banking community as the leading Association representing the interest of Financial Markets and to actively promote the educational, professional, ethical, and social interest of the Financial Markets and the Banking industry”.

Main Objectives of the Association are;

To function as the principal interface with the regulators on various issues those impact the functioning of Domestic Financial Markets.

To conduct surveys studies and research into various fields and best practices of management and operation of the Financial Markets. To hold seminars, symposia, workshops, etc. on national and international levels.

To undertake developmental activities, such as, introduction of Benchmark Rates and new Financial and Derivatives Instruments, Bond Index etc.

To adopt/develop international standardized Best Practices and a Code of Conduct for the Financial Markets. To devise & develop standardized sets of documentation for Financial Instruments.

To provide training and development support to dealers and support personnel at member institutions. Also, to coordinate with and provide assistance to educational and research institution for imparting training and enhancing the knowledge and techniques relating to Financial Markets so as create better understanding of the subject.

To function as an arbitrator for disputes resolution, if any, between member institutions. To accredit/monitor Interbank FX/MM Brokerage Business under approved criteria in consultation with SBP. To assume any other relevant role facilitating smooth and orderly functioning of the Banking Industry and Financial Markets.

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